Eco Paints

Ethical, environmental and economic

Even standard eco-paints are full of poisons that devastate the environment and people's health. 
Most producers of 'eco' or 'natural' paint usually use synthetic, petrochemical-based ingredients with solvents that contain VOCs and  animal products. And some contain titanium dioxide as a whitener, which is a big contributor to environmental problems. Clearly, there are degrees of 'eco', and the only way to decide is to read the label carefully and consider all the claims made by the manufacturers and that's where we fit in by using only natural ingredients without harmful chemicals that haven't been tested on animals or contain any animal products or produce. 

Normal paints are so toxic that the World Health Organisation says that professional decorators are 40% more likely to contract lung cancer, so it's no great leap to see that paint in the home is detrimental to those living there and not to mention those who get allergic reactions. Add to that the potentially harmful processes involved in the manufacture of paint because not only does standard paint production involve the use of non-sustainable resources, it's said that producing one litre of paint can result in up to 30 litres of toxic waste. Using 'eco' paints is therefore always the right decision.

What is NOT in our products?
- Solvents and white spirit, turpentine, terpenes, ethereal oils;
VOCs glycols, coalescents;
Animal products;
Heavy metals - lead, cadmium, mercury, etc;
Formaldehyde and formaldehyde donors;
- Acrolein;
Vinyl chloride;
Acrylic Softeners.

There are a number of eco paint suppliers that we choose from depending on your needs, including Biofa, Earthborn, Auro, Beeck, Keim and Aglaia.

Eco PD's mission is to incorporate ethical practices with professional standards and workmanship. Quality, customer service and the protection of your health and the environment are foremost in our practices. All our products and procedures are good for you and the environment.

We will transform your home or commercial property. Our ethos is to provide an environmentally safe decorating service, while taking on board the wider ethical and sustainability implications associated with such operations.