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All these recommendations are by past clients who are willing to be contracted to confirm what is written here.

"As landlords we need to keep our properties fixed and fresh. We asked Ben (EcoPD) to repaint the hallway, but he ended up fixing all the loose radiator covers, picture-rails, curtain rails and painting the kitchen as extras. After seeing the quality of the work and being extremely pleased at the price we then get him to re-plaster and paint a bedroom which we thought we’d need to do as a separate job. We also got him to paint our own house (strip the gloss and repaint) which is a job I was going to do myself, but because of the cheap service we thought we'd save some time. Amazingly, we ended up paying him more than he asked for because we thought he wasn't being fair on himself (he didn't add travel money to his bill, or want to charge for the paint or fillers he supplied). This is the first-time and probably last that we find a trade company who knowingly and willingly undercharge for a high quality service. We will certainly use this service again and we strongly suggest others do the same. And if this sounds to good to be true then we are happy to be contacted to verify this."  - John VanWick, Melton Mowbary

"Absolutely amazing service. We wanted a bathroom renovating, which we originally thought meant painted and some panels fixed. In the end, for no extra price we got the cupboards securely fixing, the place wallpapered, painted and the hallway done as well for no extra cost. It really was amazing and not only will I use the service again but highly recommend it." - Penny Smith, Leicester

"After getting quotes for fixing a partition wall and wallpapering and finding that EcoPD quoted less than half the price of the other companies we almost didn't give them the job because we were worried it was too cheap and something must be wrong. We eventually decided to go with them and not only did they finish the job on price and time but Ben also came back the next day and fixed my garden wall for free.  He worked for a whole day for free saying that it was the least he could do and we were left with the impression that EcoPD are a one of a kind.  The next time I have any job to do I will certainly call on EcoPD first." - Suzanne Barlow, Leicester